You will get the international standard treatment in state of art hospitals and you will save your money as well, you avoid long waiting lists and get seen to immediately by the senior doctors and surgeons.
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 Why With Us?
We are India's premiereáMedical Tourism Company run by team of doctors who assure best possible and unbiasedáopinion to domestic and international health seekers. á

With our experience and use of quality tools we have achieved better outcome of treatments taken in India by our referred patients. á

We all are aware that Indian hospitals are well equipped and Indian doctors are very competent and use technologies at par with any other hospital in the world. "The Medical Tourism Dot Com" strives to enhance the image of our doctors and health care services all over the globeáandáby this meansápromotion of medical tourism in India and our services to the world.

How we work:áá
á Ouráservices start with the initial query of patient directly or through our web sites, depending upon the patients diagnosis we suggest best possible treatment option, we take senior consultant's opinion and mail our opinion to the patient, so that they can discuss the plan withátheir family & referring doctor at their home land. This help in sensitize patients, building up their faith to the hospital before traveling to India. á

In case theápatient asks for any particular hospitaláwe provide details of the same and suggest best possible doctors for their medical condition. We try to provide the contact details of the doctor so that both find a level of comfort and become compatible before the treatment starts. á

We select doctors as per quality indicators like: experience, success rate, treatment modalities, time taken in surgeries, complication rates, and those who use less invasive but advanced surgical techniques. Our doctors are activeáin academics in-spite of their busy schedule and competent enough to keep abreast of latest treatment modalities with recent international trends and advances. á

The selection of hospitals is multi factorial. We suggest only quality accredited hospitals which are built up as per international standardsáand follow international guidelines and protocols. Here Medical audits happens regularly, have better sister-patient ratio, latest diagnostics, equipments, written antibiotic policies, working infection control committees, practice evidence based medicineáand comparatively economical in treatment. Etc... á

á"With our services patients get the best team of doctors, hospitals, and better assistanceáin the hospital. Few of our services include: complementaryápick and drop from the Airport by the treating hospital, 24 hrs telephonic and web assistance during stay by our experts. We also prefer to visit our referred patients in theátreating hospitaláto ensure the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction"

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